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Girl Girl Sex 301

Girl Girl Sex 301 4K View Boxcover

Scene 1: Maddie reads her "Feminist Porn" book when she gets interrupted by Charlee's sensual kisses on her neck. Closing her eyes, Maddie exhales deeply as she lets Charlee undress her. Sitting behind Maddie, Charlee smiles as she gets closer and closer to Maddie's vulva from behind, rimming her while Maddie moans in pleasure. Turning around, Maddie blindfolds Charlee and makes her lay face down on the bed, spreading her bum cheeks apart, Maddie licks and fingers her from behind. Turning around, the girls continue to pleasure each other in a sexy 69 that will take them closer and closer to a powerful climax. Scene 2: Slowly pulling Molly's tshirt upwards, Sienna kisses her big round breasts before continuing to undress her by taking her shorts off. Down on all fours, Sienna looks back over her shoulder while Moly takes off her panties, admiring her round bum and using Sienna's feet to caress her nipples. Laying completely naked next to each other, the girls begin to pleasure each other, rubbing their hands against their wet vulva before giving each other passionate oral sex that will take them closer and closer to orgasm.

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